10 Films About Food to Watch Over a Bowl of Homemade Soup

With the Delta variant arriving just in time for cuffing season, this autumn is shaping up to be another exploration of the great indoors. Luckily, these films will pair perfectly with your new recipe for minestrone: 

This Indian film about the Mumbai Dabbawalas weaves a story just as complex as the delivery system itself. A lunchbox mix-up forms the basis of a serendipitous correspondence between a middle-aged widower and an unhappy housewife. As their relationship grows stronger, the two are faced with a decision that will alter their lives permanently. Sip on some chai, snuggle in front of a fire, and watch love bloom as fragrant as the cardamom in your drink.

Dustin Hoffman and Jon Favereau star in this film about a feuding restaurant owner (Hoffman) and his head chef (Favreau). After quitting his job in Los Angeles, Chef Carl Casper moves to Miami and starts a food truck business with his ex-wife, best friend, and son. Laugh-out-loud funny and heart-warming, this film shows how food ties family together in the best way. 

From Oscar-winning director Ang Lee comes this romantic comedy about a Chinese chef and his three daughters; Master Chef Chu struggles to understand the modern relationship woes of his unmarried daughters, and attempts to relate to them through food. The film serves up laughter and a few tears, along with depictions of some truly decadent Sunday dinners. You’ll find yourself identifying deeply with the frustrations of being someone’s child, and definitely craving some homemade dumplings. 

Based on true stories (and written by the subjects themselves), the narratives of chef Julia Child and blogger Julie Powell intertwine to highlight the similarities between the two women. While Child tells the story of her beginnings as a chef, we see Powell undertake the 2002 challenge of cooking every recipe in Child’s first cookbook. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star as Child and Powell, respectively, giving performances that illuminate humanity, love, and the indelible passion for cooking. 

A mother and daughter move to a small, skeptical, Catholic town in rural France and open a chocolate shop. The film follows the little family as they slowly gain the trust of the local townspeople. Best enjoyed with chocolate-covered strawberries, this dramatic, sexy story will linger on your tongue for days after the credits roll. 

This is a poignant tale of a family that flees to France from political violence in India and ends up opening a restaurant one hundred feet away from one of the most exclusive, esteemed restaurants in France. The rivalry and family dynamics in this movie are absolutely delicious, and you’ll love Helen Mirren’s French accent. 

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic, when TikTok made this into a musical? Now that Ratatouille is back in the public consciousness, enjoy a hilarious tale of gastronomical proportions. Remy, a budding gourmet and street rat, befriends bumbling busboy Linguini. With Remy’s help, Linguini rises to the rank of head chef at the famous restaurant, Gusteau’s; all the while struggling to keep Remy a secret. This Disney film demands charcuterie and a few good friends. 

Based on the novel by Laura Esquivel, this film showcases the twin passions of forbidden romance and cooking. Tradition forbids Tita, the youngest of three sisters, from marrying until her mother’s death. Therefore, Tita learns how to be a good caretaker from the housekeeper, Nacha, and discovers a passion for cooking. Salaciously, Tita falls in love with a young man named Pedro, but tradition keeps them apart. This nail-biting, glorious romance, is enhanced by Mexican hot chocolate and blistered serrano peppers. 

Stanley Tucci, king of the Negroni, and Tony Shalhoub star in this devastatingly Italian film about two brothers who open a restaurant. Fittingly named Primo (Shalhoub) and Secondo (Tucci) emigrate from Italy to New Jersey to open an Italian restaurant that doesn’t quite appeal to local tastes. The fate of their dream rests on a single night when bandleader Louis Prima is slated to appear at the restaurant. Enjoy a subtle Sangiovese to juxtapose the delightful performances by Tucci and Shalhoub.

In this highly underrated Japanese comedy, milk-truck drivers Gorō and Gun help a struggling ramen noodle chef to create the most delicious noodles Japan has ever tasted. The eclectic crew tootles around town, extracting the best ramen recipes from unsuspecting folk. The film is stunningly hilarious, raunchy, and combines slapstick with some very real commentary on human nature. Make sure to add a slice of American cheese to your Cup Noodles for when you watch.