10 P.O.C. TikTok food creators that you should follow in 2021

Photo By @thesweetimpact [insta]

When we aren’t dining out and sharing the latest food scoop, can you guess EATNOM’s guilty pleasure? Spending hours scrolling through our favorite food, TikToks!

Over the last year, this social media platform has gained popularity, as it presents a fun and creative way for self-expression and entrepreneurship. Amongst many interests, it’s a hub for aspiring chefs, bakers, cooks, and food bloggers to show us what’s cookin’ and share all of their foodie tips.

Using our favorite hashtags, #blackfoodie, #blackcook #blackchefs. and #blackfoodnetwork, we discovered a talented group of POC food TikTokers. If you want to impress with a fancy meal, whip up a cultural dish, bake a decadent cake, or learn a new food joke, you must “follow” these food TikToks.

Mhmm, we are already licking our lips!


1.   The Sweet Impact (@Thesweetimpact)

When we need to make our sweet tooth happy, we scroll through @thesweetimpact. The man behind the sweetness, Robert, is a self-taught cake artist from Statesboro, Georgia. He includes his followers in the entire cake method, from layering the cakes to adding the final topper. He’s incredibly versatile, creating cakes for any event – an elegant wedding, a Hello Kitty birthday bash, or for Valentine’s crush. Do you know what’s extra sweet? Robert offers mentoring sessions and has an Amazon shop for baking essentials. Robert proves to his followers they don’t need formal training to express themselves in the bakery, and he’s here to help them get started!

2. Cheese Daily (@cheesedaily)

@Cheesdaily is a food TikTok account to follow if you need a good chuckle or tips on being the perfect housewife. Her food is very appealing, but it’s her audio that adds the extra spice. If you want someone to vent within the kitchen, @cheesedaily is your girl. While she prepares food, she narrates hilarious stories about her relationship with her hubby. Also, not until we followed her did we know you could add hot Cheetos to almost any dish!

3. Toyosi Sule (@toyosisule)


Thankyou for making my dreams become a reality ♥️ ##foodie ##laughingduet ##baking ##pastry ##homecook

♬ Home - Edith Whiskers

Scroll through @ToyosiSule, and your eyes will feast on an array of decadent pastry videos. This Dallas-based baker is only nineteen years old, and his baking career is off to a great start with his business, Desserts By T. Sule. As if he didn’t already have a knack for fondant, glitter, and frosting artistry, he’s currently sharing all the exciting tips he’s learning in culinary school. @ToyosiSule inspires young bakers to give it a stir starting with running a food TikTok!

4. Asili Glam Cooks (@asiliglamcooks)


Google Chef 👩🏾‍🍳 Resha Million Chicken ##thankmelater

♬ original sound - asiliglamcooks

Jamaican beef patties, banana fritters, and rice and peas? Yes, please! We’re always looking to expand our cultural palate, so we love that @AsiliGlamCooks shares all the secrets to her Jamaican roots. Natasha, a new mama, is a co-cook for every mother in the kitchen. She talks you through the videos, making it a very personable experience and as if she’s right alongside you cooking. There are recipes for every time of the day, so you’ll definitely find something yummy to whip up. Check out her blog for more recipes, a selection of cookbooks, and her signature Brown Girl spice boxes. When you cook with Natasha, never forget the Cajun seasoning!

5. Season That Ish (@seasonthatish)


If it didn’t take so long I’d prob be making them even more often🤦🏽‍♀️ ##foodie ##cooking ##fypシ

♬ Aesthetic - Xilo

Stephanie, @SeasonThatIsh creator, loves her Haitian comfort food, and we know exactly why. Her mouthwatering videos make us want to have creamy jerk pasta and birria tacos weekly! We keep going back to her account because she’s approachable, her recipes are quick and easy, and her food never lacks Haitian seasoning. When she’s not in the kitchen, Stephanie is a full-time corporate woman boss. Her determination to manage her career and a side hustle convince other women they can do the same.

6. Cord And The Kitchen (@cordandthekitchen)

The Texas-based chef, Cordarrius, manages cord And The Kitchen. His TikTok feed sticks to his motto, “Simple recipes with a twist.” You can watch him prepare food inspired by yummy southern roots and his grandmothers’ traditional cooking.  But the most important ingredient is his self-expression or “twist” to make meals unconventional. A self-taught chef believes that everyone can learn to cook, and it will be fun when you join the Cord And The Kitchen community. He established his business, Cord and the Kitchen, in 2020, which includes a website, YouTube channel, cookbooks, and catering service!

7. One Great Vegan (@onegreatvegan)

If you are vegan, would like to add meatless Monday, or want to sing along while you cook, follow @OneGreatVegan. Gabrielle’s approach to a food TikTok is truly unique, as this singer-actress shares her recipes through soulful songs. We can’t tell what’s better, her food or her voice? What do you think? This musical chef is also the host of The Musical Cooking Show and The Colorful Home Cooking Show and author of her musical cookbook, “Colorful Home Cooking with Gabrielle Reyes.” Gabrielle shows it’s possible to combine your talents to cook up something healthy and tasty.

8. I Am Darius Cooks (@iamdariuscooks)


It’s the fried peach cobbler with brown sugar whipped cream for me!

♬ original sound - Darius Williams

Are you hungry? I Am Darius Williams says, “Let’s make a snack!”. Williams’s southern-inspired food will leave your belly full and happy. He’s a true entertainer and is sure to make you laugh. We appreciate that he talks you through every step, so it’s very self-explanatory and easy to replicate cheesy short rib egg rolls. If something on his food TikTok looks super nummy, head over to DariusCooks.TV, and you can find the recipe and more food fun. Williams doesn’t stop in the kitchen – one can also shop original apparel, aprons, candles, and cookbooks. Thank you, Darius, for keeping the taste of the south alive!

9. Feed The Malik (@feedthemalik)

@FeedTheMalik is run by Anela Malik, a DC-based food and travel blogger. She shares all the hidden gems and gives suggestions about her favorite food spots in the DC area. We love that she highlights black-owned businesses and encourages continuous support to local restaurants during COVID-19. You can find a full directory of such businesses and restaurants on her website, feedthemalik.com. If you are on a mission to try a new restaurant weekly, you can sign up to receive weekly DMV food picks via text. Even more impressive, she has a podcast and is publishing a book about food. Malik will make you want to book your next trip to DC just for the food and the good feels of giving back to the community!

10. Gabby Jaye (@gabby.jaye)

All your Disney dreams will come true with Gabby Jaye. Gabriele Williams is the chef of this Disney movie-inspired food, TikTok, where she brings to life your favorite Disney characters’ meals. She starts and ends each video with a glimpse of the Disney film, and in between, she cooks to the beloved soundtrack. Williams will show you how to make food like Eat Me Cookies, Mushu’s breakfast, and Tiana’s gumbo. Don’t see your prince charming or four-legged friend’s favorite food? Williams takes requests! During challenging times, this chef shows us the kitchen can bring happiness. The chef hat is a must, and then all you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust!