Crave It: The Tastiest Platform To Share the Food You Love

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Crave It: A Social App for Food Lovers is a new social media platform where you can scroll for hours, feasting your eyes solely on photos, videos, and comments all about our favorite thing – FOOD.  We created an account on their new app to experience this food community first-hand and spoke with founder Bomani Mintz about his up-and-coming platform. This app will truly make you crave it all.

The foundation of Crave It began when Bomani was working for a consumer packaging in the food space in Houston, Texas. A lover of all cuisines, Bomani wanted to take advantage of Houston’s delicious eats but found it challenging to pin down popular restaurants and favorite local dishes. EatNom, based in New York City, where the streets are lined with eateries, totally relates to Bomani’s dilemma. We also would appreciate friendly suggestions for restaurants, cafes, and deli’s to taste-test next. What was your experience the last time you searched for the yummiest taco Tuesday in your city? We can all agree that it can be tricky to find what you’re craving quickly without the appropriate resources.

An App For All the food lovers!

After accepting an offer at LinkedIn, Bomani moved to the Bay Area. There he developed a deeper understanding of the technology sector. Combining this newly acquired skill with his food passion, he began prototyping Crave It. Eventually, Bomani launched Crave It to be a platform “for the people by the people” because he firmly believes “food stems from community.” This social platform ties the community together through food and allows anyone to share their experience, whether from a restaurant or their own kitchen. Crave It is your go-to destination for all things food-related, including restaurant suggestions, restaurant reviews, recipes, videos, and photos. No matter your level of knowledge or years in the food industry, all are welcome to create a username and join the community. 

Want to be a Craver?

To join, download Crave It from either the app store or play store. Crave It is invite-only at the moment, and the Crave It team has started onboarding food lovers weekly, but in the meantime, you can start thinking of your food-inspired username (i.e., cheeseburger&fries, chefdan, greensplease). Because the app is relatively new, if you join now, you’re likely to cook up the first “milkshakelover” or “LAbaker” before anyone else. Or maybe you’ll snag your own name like Bomani’s username @Bomani (follow him to see his favorite eats). 

What should you expect once you’ve created your account? Bomani pointed out that “we eat with our eyes.” Visually seeing a colorful dish makes us desire the taste even more. Imagine scrolling by a bowl of steaming dumplings drizzled with sauce. Your next thought is, how do I get this? Open Crave It, and you will drool over bbq smothered ribs from Austin’s favorite joint, vegan dishes from the hole-in-the-wall hummus cafe down the street, and even the recipe for your friend’s great grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies.  Crave It’s’ feed truly inspires you to figure out what you’re craving. We live in a day where snapping photos of our dynamic poke bowl and sharing instructional baking videos for gluten-free brownies is routine and another form of social interaction. We love that Crave It provides an outlet to showcase this content, encourages self-expression, and fosters a community where meals of all cultures are celebrated. 

Bomani wants every craver to feel empowered and take advantage of the app’s unique features to build the voice behind their content. Crave It welcomes all diets and allows you to curate your experience by choosing your specific eating habits. For instance, if you click “vegan,” your feed will reflect others with similar interests allowing you to connect with other plant-based cravers. Or maybe you want to share all your new favorite New York City gluten-free restaurants. You might even meet your new lunch date buddy! One of Bomani’s favorite features is “the ability to post videos and document my thoughts around how I believe the food tasted.” EatNom particularly likes that you can rate a restaurant dish based on multiple qualities. Some may enjoy a dish and label it as sweet or savory. On the other hand, a dish may be too salty or bland. These features allow for real, honest, and easily accessible feedback to improve one’s dining experience.

What’s to Come?

Bomani and his team have put a lot of time and energy into creating Crave It. Developing a startup is far from simple, and for anyone in the first steps, Bomani advises, “If you’re not overly obsessed, you probably shouldn’t start a start-up.” Bomani knew he wanted to change the world’s behavior through food, meaning he wants you to first think of cuisine and then a restaurant or the services around food; this motivation is what keeps the app evolving. Crave It was first approved in the app store in mid-April, and since then, the most significant success has been the ability to retain people. This app has gained a following entirely through word of mouth because Bomani believes this is how you create a trusted brand. While Bomani can’t share all the exciting features to come, he did note that the app will only become more personalized and cater to your eating habits. 

Are you craving it? The EatNom team is and can’t wait to see this food platform take off in the year to come.

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