EatNom is a food media platform built for diverse chefs, cooks, foodies and dope food creatives. Founded on the premise that every culture and every color is beautifully unique and deserves an outlet to shine together. We remove preconceived notions and let the stories speak for themselves. Inspired by a lack of inclusion — we exist to make impactful connections through representation. By sharing culture and food, we become a part of something bigger.

Your stories and passion fuel our ecosystem.

Theodore Massillon

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in New York City, NY., Theodore grew up in the melting pot of the United States, New York City, where each culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and more retain their unique qualities, but together creates something extraordinary. 

Theodore was always encouraged and taught to be proud of his Haitian heritage. Surrounded by and having friends in many different cultures, Massillon always saw the beauty in the way cultures tell their stories through food. 

Through EatNom, Theodore hopes to create news, content & food culture that is inclusive and recognizes the diversity in all food cultures. Massillon’s work is to produce experiences, promote social changes and celebrate the diversity within America. His fascination with stories within food fosters itself in the type of media EatNom releases. With EatNom, Theodore hopes to open the door for food and stories that normally don’t get a chance to shine & that will drive inclusivity and food culture forward.

Elyse Butron

Co-Founder & COO

Elyse grew up with parents who encouraged inclusion, often saying, as long as someone is nice, that’s all that matters. Most friends were from different ethnic backgrounds – from Russian to Romanian, Puerto Rican to Chinese, and many more; there was always something fascinating to learn and delicious food to try. Sharing with others her own ethnic dishes, such as Italian Pasta Aglio e olio or Jewish latkes, gave ample opportunities for great stories to be told and meals to be enjoyed. Once you heard, Tutti a Tavola (Everyone (come) to the table), you knew it was time to unwind, connect, and share an experience, together.