Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm: A Family Sweet as Honey

Photo By ‘zachandzoehoney’ [insta]

How it All Started

Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm is built on a story of family and love.

It all started when Kam and Summer Johnson were searching for ways to help their youngest son, Zach, who suffered from asthma and seasonal allergies. But after the family had moved to rural Kingwood Township, NJ, his allergic reactions became even more severe. The Johnsons often found themselves in the emergency room and received constant medication for Zach’s allergies.

The family had always preferred natural treatments for their children, and in their research, they learned about the benefits of raw honey.

Raw honey is unfiltered and contains pollen, in contrast to the honey found in grocery stores. The Johnsons describe grocery store honey on their website as “nutritionally dead, all of the benefits have been stripped away through filtration and pasteurization.” Through a process known as immunotherapy, raw honey exposes the body to pollen naturally, helping the immune system lower its allergic reactions over time.

After one year of feeding him honey at night, Zach’s allergies had disappeared. When the Johnsons saw the positive effect that raw honey had on their son, they became regular customers at local beekeepers. But it seemed as though the family had found something truly special.

The family spent weekends reading about beekeeping and found advice from a seasoned beekeeper, Larry Saums, the owner of Bee Flower and Sun Honey. After learning as much as possible, the Johnsons purchased their first bees from Saums and started an exciting new step in their lives.

Their business, Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm, is named after their children, a loving tribute to what started them on this journey.

Honey Honey, Say That You Love Me

Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm stresses the importance of raw honey, and the amazing health benefits that it can provide. Compared to store-bought honey, Zach and Zoë’s raw honey boasts a wider variety of nutrients and contains pollen to help with allergies. Their blog links honey to improving indigestion and allergies, and even as a moisturizer to help with skin care and acne!

Maybe you’re not the biggest fan of honey. Do you prefer syrup over honey on your pancakes? If you still want to find a way to include honey in your diet, Zach and Zoë’s has got you covered with delicious recipes on their blog! Their recipe for hot honey shrimp caught my eye immediately.

For the more adventurous tasters, Zach and Zoë’s also sells flavored honey, ranging from matcha to lavender to enhance that natural flavor. For honey-lovers who want to take a smaller step first, fruit flavors including raspberry, blueberry, and lemon are also available. All their products come with a quick and easy caption of the nutrients and health benefits that come in each jar.

The family has found incredible success through their business. Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm opened their stand in Chelsea Market in New York City. The reviews rave about the flavors. More than a few talk about eating the honey in spoonfuls.

A Future with Zach and Zoë

I had the chance to try some myself after ordering a 16oz jar of Zach and Zoë’s Wildflower Honey online. I’ve been a fan of honey since I saw Winnie the Pooh scooping out handfuls from pots, and ever since, it’s been my choice of drizzle on pancakes. The moment I dipped my spoon into Zach and Zoë’s honey, I was surprised at how easily my spoon broke through the surface. It was washing over my spoon like the honey flowing from a biblical promised land, and the taste held all the incredible flavors I loved. I’d recommend mixing a spoonful of honey with hot water with a small late-night snack. As word spread about their delicious honey, Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm would even find their products up on Oprah’s Favorite Things List in 2020.

With their popularity, Zach and Zoë’s found the opportunity to inspire and teach new beekeepers. Their experiences have taught them about both health and the environment, and in an industry that is still lacking in diversity, representation is a wonderful first step to encourage newcomers. Interested in beekeeping? Zach and Zoë’s can get you started with tips to help you on your way to exploring this sweet new road! But it’s still important to remember that beekeeping is no simple hobby. It needs time and dedication to care for these beautiful hives of bees. Take the time to research beekeeping yourselves before taking any major steps.

It is heartwarming to know that Zach and Zoë Sweet Bee Farm started with parents who wanted the best for their children. The Johnsons have included their children in this journey as well, hoping to teach them the importance of hard work and what it takes to run a business. From beginning to now, Zach and Zoë’s has their family at the core of their beekeeping.

The Johnsons continue their business in Hunterdon County, with their three children, Zach, Zoë, and Gabriella, sharing their love for honey and health.